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  63 Tay St     McShek Rib & Rolls   Stones Restaurant    
Al Freddies Food Club
    Mediterranean Cuisine   Taffy's Takeaway    
Hong Kong Carry-Out
Tandoori Knights
Horse-Shoe Cafe
  Orchid Blossoms   The Baiglie Inn    
Brambles Coffee Shop
Hot 'N' Spicy
Paco's at St. Johns Place
The Bell Tree
  Bread in Heaven
Howards Inn
Paco's Restaurant
The Emerald
Brewers Fayre
Pagoda Garden Restaurant
The Himalaya
    Kashmir Kebeb House   Pan Haggerty Bistro   The Horn Restaurant    
Cafe Circa
Patricks Bar & Restaurant
The Italian Corner
Kirkstyle Inn
The Lucky Chinese Restaurant
  China China  
Krung Thai Restaurant
  Pizza Hut   The New Bejing Hong Kong    
  Chinatown Take Away  
  PizzaExpress   The New Diamond    
La Bamba
  Punjab Tandoori Balti   The Old Smiddy Inn    
  Cp Inns Perth     Quality Cafe   The Pancake Place    
  Dalyano's     River Green Chinese   The Roost Restaurant    
      Robins Nest   The Sea Food Restaurant    
    Lucky Date   Shandar Restaurant/TakeAway   The Weigh In    
Filling Station
  Manzil Tandoor i   Shanghai Restaurant   Tyme Out    
Gar Bun
  Marcello's Pizza   South Sea        
    Mcdonalds   Spiral Restaurant        
Scotland Framed    
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